Rewards and Recognition Programs and Ideas

Want innovative ideas on how to reward customers for their loyal business, or inspire your staff to reach ever greater heights? At PointsShop, we can help grow your productivity with our range of rewards and recognitionprograms and ideas.

Positive motivation with rewards can really inspire people to go the extra mile. It can also contribute to employee engagement, not only motivating workers to perform but also making them feel their efforts are valued by the company. This aids your retention rates as well as encouraging the behaviours you want from both employees and business-to-business sales.

A number of leading businesses have successfully implemented a tailored PointsShop™ service and reaped great benefits. It has performed well in a variety of market categories since its introduction as a rewards platform in 2005.

Our main focus is on Online Reward and Recognition Programs, which we implement with specially designed proprietary software. These programs are extremely flexible, customisable to the needs of individual businesses and scaled to suit any sized enterprise.The programs we work with are listed below.

PointsShop™ B2B Reward Programs

We offer incredibly flexible modular online reward and recognition programs based on points collection. These programs can be adapted forwhat works best for your business, whether it’s a percentage of sales or selected points for individual products and SKUs.

You can also use our system to reward bonus points for specific and measurable sales-related activities. Our B2B incentive-basedplatforms for reward and recognition include systems for:

  • Retailers, from their manufacturer/distributor. This can be set up to run from monthly sales reports.
  • Staff in retail floor sales across a range of market categories.
  • Channel and distributor programs, branded and co-branded.
  • Appointed agents or brokers.

We also offer modules that include approval options for single and multi-level nomination.These can be based online or in excel.

At PointsShop, we keep our running costs low by operating our systems from a centralised prize database and distribution modules. This enables us to allocate more of our budget to the reward items themselves, allowing you to offer the most effective awards and recognitionprogram possible to your customers or employees.

If you would like to view some demo PointsShop™ websites, please click here.

Employee Incentive Reward and Recognition Programs

Each business has different goals and operations, and will therefore apply a different blend of KPIs to measure performance. No matter how you want to implement yours, ourPoints Control management modules can be adapted to your business’ specific needs.

A PointsShop canbe used to measure employee performance and distribute rewards in a variety of ways, including peer nomination on a single or multi-level, or any other type of approval structure. Metrics used to measure performance can include e-learning overlays, loyalty and service length, practice of safety processes, and more. Whatever complexity and blend of measurables you decide to use, your system for awards and recognitioncan be managed seamlessly online – and because it’s modular and adaptable, the cost of the initial set-up is minimised while effectiveness has already been ensured.

Please click on the following links to view demo PointsShop websites and PointsCard™ EFTPOS card reward alternatives.

We Come To You

If you’re considering implementing PointsShop to boost the performance of your employees and business partners, we offer a full consultancy service to determine how we can tailor our systems to your needs. We’ll also discuss rewards and recognition ideasto ensure you’ll receive a perfectly-designed system for both operation and administration.

To discuss the best ways to boost your business productivity and also that of your business partners, contact us today.

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