Rewards and Recognition Programs and Ideas

One of the best ways to motivate people is to offer both tangible rewards and recognition for behaviour that you want to encourage. At PointsShop, we provide rewards and recognition ideas and programs to help you drive business-to-business sales or employee performance.

Many leading businesseshave already benefited from The PointsShop™ service. Since its introduction as a points-based platform in 2005, we have successfully administered over 30 PointsShops in a wide variety of market categories.

We specialise in Online Reward and Incentive Programs, utilising a range of proprietary software that is both customisable, scalable and flexible to implement a wide range of programs including:

PointsShop™ B2B Reward Programs

The PointsShop™ provides a points-based system for online award and recognition programs that may be tailored to any percentage of sales or nominated points against individual products and SKUs.Theyalso allowyou to add pre-determined bonus points for any measurable sales-related activities, such as point of sale bonuses. Our modular points-based B2B reward and recognition platforms include:

  • Manufacturer/distributor to retailer, often run frommonthly customer sales reports.
  • Direct programs for retail floor sales staff in a variety of market categories.
  • Channel and distributor programs, branded and co-branded.
  • Systems for appointed agents or brokers.
  • Modules that include both single level and multi-level nomination and approval options, both online and excel-based.

As all PointsShop systems are generally run from the same prizedatabase and distribution modules, production costs are kept low. This enables the maximum budget to be applied where it’s most effective – the reward items themselves.

Please click here to view demo PointsShop™ websites.

Employee Incentive Reward and Recognition Programs

Listed below are examples of program types and metrics where a PointsShop can be used to measure employee performance and attributerewards,awards and recognition.

  • Sales incentive programs
  • Peer nomination programs
  • E-learning overlays
  • Productivity
  • Safety
  • Loyalty & length of service
  • Employee motivation

Our Points Control management modules can be applied to any mix of KPIs aligned with any measurable performance outcome. Our proprietary Points Control system covers both single and multi-level peer nomination and approval structures, enabling the deployment of seamless online management solutions. Existing modules are used to minimise setup costs and maximise effectiveness where possible.

Please click on the following links to view demo PointsShop websites and PointsCard™ EFTPOS card reward alternatives.

We Come To You

PointsShop™ offers a full consultancy service to scope your requirements and discuss rewards and recognition ideas so that we can build you the ideal system combined with seamless internal administration.

To begin boosting the performance of your employees and business partners, contact us.

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