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Why are online points programs better than gift vouchers?

There is an immediacy and ‘award’ aspect to online rewards programs that vouchers do not provide. In a normal merchandise-based PointsShop™ participants can browse a custom-branded rewards program website with over 400 leading brand products of ever-increasing value in a number of the most popular prize categories such as travel, audio visual, sports and now Smartbox™ Experiences, with claimed prizes direct delivered to their business address. Vouchers move participants ‘off brand’ to that of the featured retailer.

Because of their online nature, PointsShops can also offer online reinforcements to the program such as newsletters, company product features and ‘points bargains’ where clearance stocks from leading manufacturers can offer high perceived value.

How do I start?

With PointsShop™ it’s easy! As a start, we respond to any legitimate online or telephone inquiry with working examples of the type of program that fits your budget and objectives. Following a discussion of these working examples plus other alternatives we then recommend and quote the ideal program for your needs. Once the quote is accepted we do the rest, including internal setup, program design and development and Internet hosting.

Can I nominate special prizes such as company or affiliate products?

Yes, special ‘company sourced’ prizes may be added to the specific PointsShop™ range.

Why are PointsShops cheaper than most competitors?

PointsShop™ has specifically developed a ‘translatable’, modular platform that can be branded to any company corporate ID or theme, yet can usually operate off our existing prizes database and admin modules. This means that in most cases you are not paying a ‘from the ground up’ price to set up your PointsShop™. Of course, where special requirements that require additional programming or special design, these are quoted on an ad hoc basis.

My budget will never get participants up to plasma TV’s etc. Have you got a program that will suit them?

PointsShop™ can set up an EFTPOS PointsCard™ or Smartbox™ Experiences program for you to still provide a desirable branded reward at a lower budget price. Just click the links to review these great options.

How does Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) affect PointsShop™?

FBT is payable by the direct employer (which means the customer for B2B programs and your company for staff incentive programs) and currently applies once a threshold of $300 is reached. Because the application of FBT depends how much the company is spending per individual we recommend it be discussed with an accountant or tax advisor.

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