PointsShop™ Reward & Incentive Program Services

PointsShop™ reward & incentive programs are built from the ground up to provide a high return, cost effective rewards platform that is customised to your individual needs. To ensure the best results for your business we provide the following services in the planning, internal setup and design of your program:

  • Concept, planning and timing of your reward program to ensure the best possible results.
  • Budgeting and funding requirement planning to ensure the highest possible return on investment.
  • Program design and software applications including internal single and multi-level nomination & approval options.
  • Selection of the ideal range of rewards and incentives to suit your program and concept from a huge range of leading brand merchandise, travel and new experiences.
  • Program theme and graphic design for all online and offline reward program elements to match your branding and theme strategy.
  • Registration and hosting of your selected online program domain name plus any required Reward Program links to your company website or intranet.
  • Ongoing online update of prizes, geared to supplier introduction of new models and deletion of superseded models.
  • Database customisation for points capture, accumulation and ongoing prizes administration.
  • Online registration of participants, nomination and approvals and points updates to create a seamless work flow.
  • Automatic points updates to participants via email, sms and snail mail if required.
  • A proven user-friendly ‘real time’ master Online Report system covering both a total program snapshot and individual participants, sortable by selected fields such as by State, customer and rep.
  • Automatic points updates via email. sms and mail updates also available if required.
  • Ability to integrate with company marketing and promotional programs. E-newsletters, e-Learning, e-blasts and mail-outs directly off the program database are available.
  • Sourcing, storage and delivery of all reward prizes including prize delivery tracking.
  • Provision of a dedicated PointsShop™ hotline to deal with all participant enquiries on registrations, points and prizes.
  • Ongoing and end of reward program results analysis.

Additional modules include:

  • Printed support catalogues to various formats.
  • Customised e-Learning questionnaires aligned to pre-determined points levels. These can be either self-prompting or once only formats.
  • Sweepstakes overlays geared to pre-determined points achievement or other factors.
  • Addition of company-branded promotional products via our PromoShop online catalogue
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