Merchandise Programs Cost Guide

Indicative Costings

The following Fixed and Variable Costs are provided as a guide, based upon a ‘standard’ custom-branded, merchandise- based PointsShop utilising our existing online platform and back end systems.

This is of course not ‘cast in stone’ and we often quote reward and incentive program variations requiring complete customisation, functionality and different prize structures to meet specific client briefs.

Fixed Costs (all ex GST)

Company or Product Branded Website
Website plus operating back end and report dashboard $5,000
Annual allowance for hosting, security & development: per month $100
Internal programming of multi-level Points
Control System (if applicable)

SMS Points Advice Module
Includes option of text or text & picture SMS 
Programming price (once only charge)  $500
Cost per SMS message  $0.22


Variable Costs

These are the costs of the Reward Prizes plus our Variable Cost administration fee (which commonly varies with the total value of prizes).

All we require is for you to advise us the percentage of sales, points per product or KPI (or other measure you are budgeting against) and we program your PointsShop website to reflect this against the points value of all Reward Prizes. The points value of all prizes are computed including delivery anywhere in Australia, so there are no add on delivery or freight costs.

Value of Prizes 

Prizes are invoiced as a pre-payment prior to ordering & delivery.

Determine by % of sales, points per product/KPI or other measure.

Administration Fee

Covers all online administration, operation of dedicated Enquiries Hotline plus purchase, insurance, storage and supervision of delivery of all Reward Prizes & supply of all program management reports.

Admin costs to be confirmed based upon:

  • Dollar Value of total prizes budget
  • Number of participants
  • Type or frequency of points uploads
  • Input to internal nomination and approval system, if applicable
  • Special modules (e.g. email of sales or results bulletins)

Administration fees are normally computed and invoiced monthly.


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