Employee Recognition & Rewards Programs

Are you looking for a compelling way to recognise and reward staff for their performance in your business? Look no further – our points-based programs are an ideal way to motivate and incentivise the people who are integral to your business success.

Recognising your employees’contributions to the company is a key motivator for continued high performance. A reward system that provides tangible results is a very effective way to incentivise behaviours that increase your business performance. PointsShop recognition programs offer a flexible, customisable solution that’s focused on bottom line business results as well as boosting staff retention and promoting a positive company culture.

Acknowledging employee contribution through tangibleand visible prize-based rewards has been proven to produce better results than traditional cash bonuses.  PointsShop takes this into account by supplying prize based incentives as employee recognition awards so your company achieves the best possible outcomes.

PointsShop employee recognition & reward programs offer a number of benefits to any business looking to recognise and reward staff, business partners and customers. Some of these include:

  • End-to-end program planning to ensure your business needs are served
  • Real-time online access to participant awards and nominations over time
  • Automated communication of award allocation to participants.
  • Prizes and awards selection and design, including company branded merchandise
  • Sourcing, storage and delivery of all employee rewards.

To learn more about PointsShop employee recognition & reward programs and how you can improve staff and channel partner performance, simply give us a call Toll Free on 1800 855 326 and contact one of our helpful consultants.

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