Australian Employee and Sales Incentive Programs

Staff and Sales Incentive programs can improve your business performance

Do you want to motivate your people and business partners and improve your Australian business performance? It’s time to consider an employee or sales incentive program.

Did you know that an incentive scheme that offers visible, tangible rewards for employeesis the best way to encourage behaviours that increase business performance? Research shows that people value quality, desirable ‘prizes’ more than traditional cash bonuses.Though this might seem surprising, it occurs for various reasons; for example, it allows people to receive “luxury“ items they can’t justify buying themselves. Prizes distributed through incentive programs also offer tangible evidence of the esteem the company has for employees, and gives them a motivating reminder every time the items are seen. All prizes and awards do not have to be expensive – PointsShop can provide quality company-branded merchandise via our PromoShop division that can reinforce both corporate branding and any designated corporate or brand theme.

Employee incentive schemes also make your staff feel more integral to business success. This gives them more personal involvement in the fortunes of their company, which in turn leads to greater loyalty and engagement. The consequence is not just an increase in productivity, but also a reduction in staff turnover and savings in training and hiring costs.

On the B2B side, sales incentive programs are a great way to reward your business partners for their continuing support. This can build strong customer loyalty and keep your channel partners and distributors coming back for more.

PointsShop specialises in generating effective sales and employee incentive program ideas that align with your specific business goals.We then design a system customised to your particular company needs. Let us show you how our proven incentive programs for employeesand customers can deliver real results, if you want to:

  • Motivate your sales staff, channel partners, distributors, customers or other groups that your business’ success depends on.
  • Improve productivity, sales and profits.
  • Promote loyal custom and repeat business.
  • Generate word of mouth promotion for your business.

How can PointsShop staff and sales incentives help your business?

PointsShop makes it easy for any business to run an employee or sales incentive program. We know what it takes to design, implement and manage an effective program that delivers the results your business needs. Contact us to find out more.

We provide:

  • A customised, targeted employee or sales incentive scheme designed to meet your specific business goals.
  • Internal training where necessary
  • An accountable program with measurable results.
  • Flexible solutions that merge online and offline elements.
  • An easy to use system that provides real time access to participant point tallies or nominated reward history, and automated communication with reward program participants.
  • Complete handling of all reward items (sourcing, storage, delivery and tracking).
  • Operation of a dedicated Program Hotline to handle all participant enquiries.

So what are you waiting for? To find out how a customised incentive program can boost your business performance, contact us today. Email our helpful consultants, or call us toll-free on 1800 855 326.

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