Best Customer and Employee Rewards Programs for Australian Businesses

Points-based award systems are an ideal way to motivate and recognise people who contribute to your business success. At PointsShop, we can offer you the best rewards & recognition programs for businesses in Australia.

To incentivise others you need a solution that provides concrete results and encourages behaviours that increase your business performance. PointsShop systems offer a flexible, customisable solution that’s focused on bottom line business results.

Tangible rewards have been shown to be more effective than traditional cash bonuses. In recognition of this PointsShop have come up with a prize-based method designed to get your business the most positive results.This method improves productivity from two different angles.

B2B Customer Reward Programs

If your company operates in the B2B space, selling products to other businesses or supplying to channel partners for distribution in their stores, our customer rewards programs are a great way to show appreciation for customer support. This system also has the effect of strengthening customer loyalty – and of course, encouraging further sales.

Employee Reward & Recognition Programs

When employees receive concrete “prizes” to acknowledge good work or achievement of designated KPI’s, these serve as strong motivators to continue such performance in the future. Staff who feel visibly appreciated are more likely to remain loyal and make an effort to relate well to management and build up the company.

Employee reward programs build stronger engagement in your staff, and help with retention, which is why they are often referred to as 'loyalty programs'.

Our solutions will take care of the whole process for you, from designing customised solutions especially for your business to sourcing, storing, and delivering the items.

To learn more about PointsShop best customer and employee rewards programs for Australian businesses and how you can improve staff and channel partner performance, give us a call on Toll Free 1800 855 326 and speak to one of our helpful consultants.

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