Loyalty Program Software - Internal Points Administration & Reporting

To get the most out of your incentive program, you need efficient and user-friendly tools for administration and reporting. This will help you to monitor the operation of your program and make plans for its future direction. PointsShop can customise your points program to deliver the easiest possible loyalty program software application to your workflows and automate program activity.

Internal-Points-left-side.jpgWe will apply the best and easiest-to-use solutions including:

  • Mass participant registrations via Excel csv files
  • Monthly points uploads direct from customer sales reports
  • Online participant registrations 
  • Single level points approvals
  • Multi-level points approvals


Online Reports & Dashboards

  • Online Points Control: Single or Multi-Level

  For this task we put a full online points nomination and approval module in place, which can include password-protected points   nomination and approval points at different management levels. 

  PointsShop has developed a ‘single screen’ Online Report module into our loyalty program software that can give program   snapshots and break out many other fields, for example sorting participants by state, key account, rep and so on. For further   convenience, fields in this report can be downloaded as an Excel file for internal emailing (such as to State offices).

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