PointsShop Reward Programs and Corporate Incentive Solutions

Incentive and Reward Program SolutionTo best incentivise channel partners, clients and customers, you need a solution that provides tangible results and motivates the kind of behaviours that increase overall business performance. PointsShop offers branded flexible corporate incentive solutions that merge online and offline elements to generate exceptional results for both B2B Trade programs and Staff Reward & Recognition programs.

Research has shown that tangible prize-based rewards are viewed by recipients as a greater incentive than simple monetary rewards. Our reward programs are based on this finding. Additionally, PointsShop solutions are all carefully branded to fit your corporate positioning or theme.

The PointsShop™ service consists of six individual service areas focused on getting you the best possible results out of your program.

1.Program Planning & Design – Developing Customised Solutions

Program Planning and DesignOur experienced consultants will help develop a tailor-made solution for your specific business needs. With our team you’llget the most from our 25 years of experience helping businesses obtain the best corporate incentive solutions.

The planning and design phase is conducted in consultation with you to help ensure effective service delivery. At this stage we will also identify key performance indicators to measure the program’s ultimate success.

2. Reward Selection & Program Branding

Rewards ProgramPointsShop offers three brandable concepts, all of which can be ‘bolted’ to our Points Control platform to achieve maximum results with minimum set-up costs. All our reward program websites are totally brandable with your logo or theme, plus selected prizes may themselves be branded.

Please click on the following links for more information and demos of PointsShop Merchandise Reward Programs plus both Fixed Value and Reloadable VISA card options.

Whichever PointsShop reward program you choose, you don’t have to worry about sourcing, delivering and tracking prizes. We’ll do it all for you, ensuring rewards are delivered to prize winners with a minimum of fuss. You can even add a range of custom-branded products through our PromoShop service via www.promoshop.com.au . Throughout all of this, you will have access to a 'real time' admin dashboard that keeps track of every aspect of your program.

3. The PointsShop Modular Platform – Putting Control in Your Hands

PointsShop Technology PlatformTo assist in the management of your corporate incentive solution and facilitate participant communication, your rewards program will be backed up by the customisable PointsShop Modular Platform. This will address key areas of points control, prize fulfilment and ‘real time’ Online Reports sortable by a variety of fields and downloadable for easy internal communication (e.g. to state offices, key accounts or individual locations).

  • Points Control can be executed in a variety of ways, from single Excel-based spreadsheets through to multi-level online nomination and approval modules.
  • The budget can be date-limited,based upon 'open ended' points, or even a 'sales chase' concept where the program is restricted to a defined upper-limit points bank.
  • Through a ‘real time’ Online Report you’ll be able to access detailed reports on overall performance of your corporate incentive solution and individual participant status.Participants will be able to browse available rewards, redeem points and obtain points account balances on individual password-protected website pages. With PointsShop you gain efficiencies through the utilisation of existing and proven platforms, thereby greatly reducing production and implementation costs.

4. Program Management – Ensuring Your Solution Delivers Results

Results.jpgThe success of your program is facilitated by our qualified program management team. Beginning with the management of the initial program roll out, this team will establish and maintain program momentum. Your Account Manager will ensure sufficient levels of participant engagement, manage reward allocation and report on program performance. From inception to conclusion your Program Manager will coordinate all aspects of your program.

5. Communication Strategies – Engaging Your Audience

Comminication StrategiesThe ongoing engagement of program participants is key to overall program success. The PointsShop management team will develop a communications strategy to ensure high levels of engagement and program performance. By developing a variety of communications tools such as editable points advices, e-blast mailouts and online newsletters we ensure that your loyalty program remains in the forefront of participants’ minds. We can also assist with more advanced communications strategies if you are interested in these.

6. Hassle-Free Maintenance of Your Loyalty Program Solution

Contact-us.jpgAll participant enquiries are handled through specialised telephone hotlines and program-tagged email addresses, freeing up your resources for where they are needed most. Our team will provide fast and helpful assistance for your participants and ensure that engagement is kept high.

As each program is customised to individual business’ needs, all program costs are confirmed prior to commencement and are dependent upon requirements. To obtain a quote for your own corporate incentive solution please contact our consultants on 1800 855 326 or click on Contact Us.

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